Planning and designing of the interior fit-out including furnishings, fixtures and fittings. We offer furniture manufactured in our workshop, floor-laying and accessorising. This is 100% Weingarten — we are interior fitters for ships, non-residential properties and retail. Interior fit-out is embodied as a 100% project. Planned from A to Z and handed over ready for use. Our philosophy: interior contractor quality with an optimum value for money.

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Noun [ɪnˈtɪərɪə] /
the inside of a building or room with respect to design and decoration, opposite: Exterior. Interior (from Latin “inter” - within) stands for:
1 Inside, indoor (interior design, interior decoration, furniture, furniture making).
2 Fitout, design of an indoor space or room (interior fitout, fixtures, fittings and finishings).


Automation and craftsmanship.

A high degree of automation creates less wastage and more efficient production. This combined with manual detailing results in products of excellent Weingarten quality.


One part exactly like the other.

Assembly and installation with millimeter accuracy that combines high-quality hardware and bought-in parts. Weingarten precision is far more than the sum of the parts.


Workflows well thought-out from A to Z.

Optimum work planning and preparation coupled with intelligent job management. Weingarten efficiency has three features: time of delivery, on-schedule completion and price.

On-schedule completion

With no ifs and buts.

A deadline is a deadline, and once we make a promise, we keep to it. Weingarten on-schedule completion means always “on time” and more likely early rather than late.


Whether an interior for a ship, non-housing property or a shop  —

we know how important it is to have a reliable partner at your side, that is able to take on any size project. Weingarten reliability means you can count on us 100%.